Things We Love: Supplements for Heart Health

Updated: Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Millions of people struggle with or live in fear of ongoing heart problems each year. The health of your heart has a tremendous impact on your entire body. Left uncared for, problems will start to arise one by one. 

From poor diet, to lack of exercise, to genetics, there are many factors that can negatively impact the health of your heart. Likewise, there are many factors and habits that, when implemented strategically, can positively impact the health of your heart. Routine exercise and a whole-food diet are a great place to start.

How to Show Your Heart Some Love

We get it, life happens and it is hard to maintain a clean diet and routine exercise every single day. The inconsistencies of life are unavoidable, but they are manageable. Proactively manage your heart health by supplementing with nutrients to support its everyday functions. 

So, what is the overall key to maintaining heart health? Give your body the key nutrients that it deserves. Instead of reacting to a disappointing doctor’s visit or living in fear over your family history, take a proactive approach to keep your heart healthy!

CoQ10 - The Energizer

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is best known for its role in supporting the production of energy within cells.* CoQ10 is normally produced sufficiently within the body to support your energy; however, as we age, our ability to produce this nutrient begins to dwindle. 

For optimal performance, B vitamins and vitamin C support both the synthesis of CoQ10 and antioxidant actions within the cell respectively. Therefore, pairing CoQ10 with Phytonutrient B complex and Vitamin C with rose hips could be a great combination to support healthy energy levels.*

Food sources of CoQ10 include organ meats, fatty fish, animal proteins, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, leafy greens, strawberries, oranges, nuts, seeds and beans.*

B-Complex: The Busy Bs

Phytonutrient Based B-Complex is a blend of whole foods rich in B vitamins including spirulina, broccoli, cabbage, brown rice bran, barley, parsley, and bee pollen. Each B vitamin has a specific role to play in the body. When combined they work synergistically together to support healthy hair, skin, and nails as well as supporting a healthy nervous system.*

B-Complex has a base of nutrient-dense whole foods to support the daily need of these water-soluble vitamins that could be depleted due to a high intake of processed foods. This supplement also supports healthy energy levels by working within the mitochondria when your cells are busy converting food into usable energy.*

High homocysteine levels are often associated with heart issues because of their role in blood clot formation and damage to your arteries. The B vitamins in our blend—B6, B12, and folate—all contribute to the regulation and balance of homocysteine in your body.*

Fish Oil: The Heart Warrior

You had to know fish oil was coming, right? If you struggle with cardiovascular health, your doctor has probably recommended fish oil to you at some point. And not without good cause because fish oil is an essential fatty acid. 

Essential fatty acids are crucial for many bodily functions. One of the most important functions of these fatty acids? To rebuild the structure of every cell membrane. In order for this process to work properly, there needs to be a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.* Enter, fish oil. 

Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically, are recognized for supporting cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system health.* Flavor & Fettle fish oil is molecularly distilled to ensure purity and has natural orange oil for better scent and taste.

Resveratrol: The Mediterranean Powerhouse

Resveratrol is most notably known as the naturally occurring healthy benefit of red wine. But a more concentrated source can be found in the root herb, Japanese Knotweed, in the form of trans-resveratrol which is what we use in our supplement. 

This version of resveratrol is highly absorbable and is used to support healthy aging, heart health and is even used as an antioxidant to support healthy cell generation and functionality*. Even more, it acts as a powerful antioxidant that may contribute to increasing your nitric oxide levels. Healthy maintenance of these levels is needed for blood vessel regulation.*

Why Supplement?

Choosing to add even one of these supplements can make a positive impact on the health of your heart.* Taking all of the supplements above in conjunction with one another can support the health of your heart in a big way!*

Full and complete wellness of your mind, body, and spirit starts with a strong foundation, and we’d love for you to build your foundation with us.

Curious to see what your unique health mix would be based on your health and wellness goals, age, gender, and other lifestyle choices? Take our quiz to find out!


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