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Women's Support Probiotic

For those looking for support with women's urinary tract health

Gluten, Soy, Nut Free

No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Made in the USA

Women's Support Probiotic

About Women's Support Probiotic

Product Description

Probiotics provide the digestive system with healthy bacteria so that they can crowd out the bad bacteria that may cause issues.*

Flavor & Fettle Women’s Support Probiotic is made from a 9-strain probiotic blend, containing 30 billion CFUs of active cells, combined with cranberry and Greek yogurt to support women’s digestion and urinary tract health too.*

Each strain was carefully chosen for its supportive role in a woman’s reproductive system and for its ability to provide a balance of bacteria for intestinal health.* This formulation is ideal for women of all ages, including teens.*

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