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Fermented Turmeric

For those looking for support with a healthy inflammatory response, as well as support for joint and heart health



Gluten, Soy, Nut Free

No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Made in the USA

Fermented Turmeric

About Fermented Turmeric

Product Description

Turmeric is a spice in the ginger family that has the active ingredient curcumin. It may support the body’s joint health and the discomfort levels*.

The body’s ability to absorb and use turmeric effectively on its own is very low. For this reason, black pepper and ginger are added to help increase the benefits of this spice. Both the turmeric and ginger are fermented to further support this process.

Turmeric combines well with our other joint supportive supplements like Vitamin C and Glucosamine*.

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