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Concentrated Omega-3

For those looking for support in brain, heart, skin, and nerve health

Gluten, Soy, Nut Free

No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Made in the USA

Concentrated Omega-3

About Concentrated Omega-3

Product Description

Essential fatty acids are crucial for almost every vital system in the body. In order for them to work properly, there needs to be a healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. With modern processed foods, people are often taking in more Omega-6, causing an imbalance in this delicate ratio and possibly the need to supplement with Omega-3.

Omega-3, specifically, could help support the nervous system, cardiovascular system, skin hydration, immune health and more*.

Each Flavor & Fettle Concentrated Omega-3 soft gel has 1200mg of fish oil, from sustainably raised fish, and has been molecularly distilled which removes heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides. Concentrated Omega-3 also contains all-natural orange oil to enhance scent and flavor.

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