A Day in the Life of Heather Stevenson, Wellness & Life Coach

Heather Bickel Stevenson is a Registered Nurse (RN) and lifestyle coach who actively worked to heal herself from chronic illnesses such as Lyme Disease and POTS with the use of supplements and intuitive healthcare. Flavor & Fettle sat down with her to discuss a bit about her journey, a day in her life, and how you can work with her to outline your journey to holistic health.

Flavor & Fettle: Heather, thanks for joining us today! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? 

Heather: Sure! I’m Heather. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 23 years, but I’m also a lifestyle and wellness coach. I spent a few years in Philadelphia, PA at the Esperanza Health Center, working alongside a team to create what is now known as their Health Promoter Program. I now work with individuals who are battling various issues in their lives and looking for support, like those looking to improve their physical health, or those who simply need a little more guidance in setting and reaching goals.


FF: Were you an RN first, then a life coach later? Or was this something you pursued at the same time? 

H: I was an RN first. Then, I got my master’s degree in counseling. After years of dealing with chronic illness and realizing I had a passion for listening to and helping others, I decided to pursue coaching.


FF: Can you speak a little more about how that transition happened? 

H: Well, actually, it’s a unique story and also kind of a long one. The day after my wedding in 2012, I literally dropped to the ground with illness. I had no clue at the time what was going on and neither did any of my doctors. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, and basically couldn’t function. That, of course, meant I couldn’t properly do my nursing job. 

I ended up bed-bound, searching for answers. After seeing 18 different specialists, I finally met a doctor who didn’t sweep my health issues under the rug or attribute them to anxiety or “overthinking.” From there, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease and found a path that allowed me to truly heal myself. 

I had another round of chronic illness in 2020 when I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and exposed to mold again, to which I’m highly allergic. 

I am thankful to say that I am doing much better. Honestly, there were days, months, actually years during that time while being stuck in bed day after day, that I did not know what my purpose was. I felt like I was existing in survival mode. I found myself thinking, “Is this how I will live the rest of my days?" There were some dark days. 

As I began to heal through an extensive supplement routine, I found myself longing to help those who may have experienced something similar, whether through health issues or problems at home.

So, I became a life coach. 


FF: Wow, Heather! It’s so inspiring to hear that you were able to heal yourself. I’m sorry it took so long for you to find clarity. I think a lot of people have experienced those feelings during prolonged illness, wondering if this is their “new normal,” or if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that you’re back on the mend, how do you spend your days?

H: Usually, my mornings start with a healthy breakfast and my supplements. I love reading and journaling in the morning too. 

During the day, I find myself helping and working with people in some form or fashion. This could be talking with someone about their health, doing some counseling with a friend or client, or talking with someone about a relationship. I have a passion for journeying with people, no matter what they are walking through.  

Anytime I’m not working with others, I’m spending my time talking with friends, helping my elderly parents, spending time with my amazing husband, Jeremy, or doing anything I can outside. A lot of days, I somehow find myself in the middle of medical emergencies for others, like this afternoon when I stopped to help my elderly neighbor or last week when I witnessed a car accident.


FF: Well, you know the saying, “in the right place, at the right time.” It sounds like you were needed at that moment. When you meet with clients, what does it look like? 

H: It really just depends on the client and what we’re working on together. I will say that since I spent over a decade of my life feeling very quiet and small because of an illness, there’s a special place in my heart for helping others find holistic health in all areas of life—physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and financial. Those were all of the areas that I struggled with when battling my illnesses. 

We’re excited to have Heather as a preferred partner with Flavor & Fettle. She can be a trusted resource on your personal health journey. 


If you are interested in working with Heather or know someone who should meet Heather, book a FREE, 15-minute consultation here. No matter the distance, you don’t have to walk alone. 

Learn more about Heather hereIf you'd like to connect with Heather another way, visit her Instagram at @healthyandwholeforbodyandsoul.