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Product Description
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About Stress Support Bundle

Product Description

About Revitalize

Product Description

Flavor & Fettle Organic Ashwagandha is a great option if you are looking for support during times of excess stress and need steady energy for an overall sense of well-being.

Flavor & Fettle Magnesium Glycinate can be beneficial to those with chronic stress, issues with constipation or for those that need additional support to fall asleep.

Flavor & Fettle Advanced Antioxidant Complex contains a mixture of alpha lipoic acid, Grape Seed Extract, Turmeric, green tea, Vitamin C, Quercetin, and lutein. This combination is an anti-aging powerhouse supplement that works with your cells to support aging skin, your cardiovascular system and a healthy response to inflammation.

About Revitalize

Do you feel simultaneously overwhelmed & immobilized by the onslaught of health info available today? Or, maybe you just feel disconnected from your body & what it needs to feel its best.

That’s why we designed Revitalize. This online, self-paced 6-week detox course designed to reconnect and reintroduce you to healing foods, nourishing herbs, and lifestyle hacks so you can feel empowered, confident, and hopeful in your relationship with food.

Each week in the Classroom, we’ll take a holistic look at various organ systems, learning how those organs function in the landscape of your body & what they need to thrive. You’ll also receive:

  • Practical nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle tips
  • Tasty, simple recipes
  • Helpful handouts
  • 20% Discount on Flavor & Fettle Revitalize Supplement Bundles

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How are Flavor & Fettle supplements sourced?

Our raw ingredients are sourced from all over the world from non-GMO crops and are tested for their purity before inclusion in our supplements. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the potency and quality standards stated on the labels.

Is there research to support this supplement’s efficacy?

You can find information about how the raw materials and active ingredients function in the body through our Resource Pages.

Can I use my FSA/HSA/HRA to purchase this supplement?

We do not accept flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), or health reimbursement accounts (HRA) as a form of payment. Your supplements may be eligible for reimbursement, but you will need to check with your insurance provider for your plan’s reimbursement requirements.

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