Age Gracefully: How Supplements Support Healthy Aging

Fact—You are older today than you were yesterday, and you will be older tomorrow than you are today. Aging is inevitable.

So, what if instead of trying to fight against Father Time, we instead embraced this process? Even more than that, what if we embraced healthy aging? Aging happens by itself, but healthy aging requires some leg work on your end (literally and figuratively!).

Enough of the bad news about getting old! Ready for the good?

With recent advancements in science and technology, the potential for a longer lifespan is stronger now than ever before. With the potential of a longer life comes the question of how you’ll extend the reach of your healthy years.

As with any change to a lifestyle routine, we recommend a healthy balance between the foods you eat, the exercise you do, and the knowledge you absorb. Supplementing those three things with—you guessed it—supplements, increases your chances of living a fully balanced life.

Yes, aging can affect the way you look and feel, the way your body “bounces back” after a workout, and the nutrients required to function day-to-day. That’s why we believe that supplementing your body with products that support essential nutrient intake, energy production, antioxidants and a healthy nervous system can be a huge game changer.

Resveratrol: The Mediterranean Power House

Resveratrol is most notably known as the naturally occurring healthy benefit of red wine. But a more concentrated source can be found in the root herb, Japanese Knotweed, in the form of trans-resveratrol which is what we use in our supplement.

Resveratrol may help with aging by triggering sirtuin production. Sirtuin is a protein that has been studied alongside lifespan research that’s known to mimic some of the benefits of calorie restriction.

Our Resveratrol contains a more usable form of the plant along with red wine extract to provide optimal antioxidant support. This supplement fits into a vegan diet, is made from non-GMO raw materials and is certified gluten free. Even better and like other supplements we carry, our resveratrol is made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Fish Oil: The Heart Warrior

Fish Oil is an essential fatty acid—essential here meaning: crucial for many body functions. One of the most important functions of these fatty acids is to build the structure of every cell membrane required to protect the cell. In order for this process to work properly, there needs to be a healthy ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

With modern society’s highly processed foods and our increased intake of seed oils, evidence of omega-6 in the body has become a lot higher, throwing off this ratio. Another reason to find a supplement that has a balanced amount of both.

Omega-3 fatty acids support the nervous system, cardiovascular system, skin hydration, and immune health—the perfect pairing to the cell supporting omega-6.

Each one of our Fish Oil soft gels has 1200mg of fish oil caught from sustainable fishing practices and has a minimum of 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA. Our Fish Oil is also made with all-natural orange oil to enhance the scent and flavor of our supplement.  Furthermore, our fish oil is molecularly distilled which removes heavy metals, PCBs and pesticides.

Whole Food Multivitamin: The Essentials

Whole food multivitamins provide essential vitamins and nutrients that your body desperately needs. All the vitamins and nutrients packed into our multivitamin are required for healthy skin, better energy, clearer mental health and various other activities that your body performs at the cellular level that go unnoticed.

Deficiency of these important vitamins and nutrients can lead to various chronic diseases that are a result of malnutrition.

We’ve got a basic multivitamin that contains 18+ nutrients including all of your B vitamins needed for energy production, zinc for your immune health and various other minerals to support the healthy function of your cells.

But, to build a better solution for you, we’ve developed both men’s and women’s blends. These blends contain everything in the multivitamin but with added evening primrose and magnesium for menstrual cycle support for women and added Zinc and vitamin D for testosterone production for men.

CoQ10: The Energizer

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 is best known for its role in energy production in the power house of your cell, the mitochondria. CoQ10 requires vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, folic acid and vitamin C to produce this energy. Therefore, it pairs well with our Phytonutrient B-Complex and Vitamin C supplements.

Food sources of CoQ10 include organ meats, fatty fish, animal proteins, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, leafy greens, strawberries, oranges, nuts, seeds and beans.

CoQ10 is normally produced in the body in the amount you need or absorbed from your food, but as we age, our ability to produce this nutrient begins to decline. This is why a CoQ10 supplement could be a great addition to your healthy aging regimen along with exercise and maintaining a whole-food based diet.  

Why Supplement?

Choosing to add even one of these supplements can make a positive impact on your body’s aging. Taking all of the supplements above in conjunction with one another can help your body to age in a healthy way.

Full and complete wellness of your mind, body, and spirit starts with a strong foundation, and we’d love for you to build your foundation with us.

Curious to see what your unique health mix would be based on your health and wellness goals, age, gender, and other lifestyle choices? Take our quiz to find out!


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